Paper Chase


This is a modern version of the popular game: Paper Chase. It's based on the GPS Position and uses Augmented Reality to find the next marker (which is a set of GPS coordinates)! If this is a challenge the toasts will notify the user that another player gets a waypoint or other action like a user pauses.


First there's some information about Signal Quality of the phone. If the user already validated his credentials a login button will appear. The first run button will be visible in both cases.


After logging in, the first/next waypoint of the current chase will be loaded otherwise he has to load a new one. The compass shows the direction to the next waypoint. If the user reaches destination he has to search the next marker via Augmented Reality


The public chases is a set of chases within an area around the user. Challenges are sent from friends of the user. i.ex: at a marriage, the bride could hide in the city in a pub and the groom and bridesman have to find her. In the end the groom has to pay the bill, so the longer the chase takes the higher the bill will be!


The creator has to do the chase for himself! Everytime he's at the location he can take the GPS coordinates and take a picture of the marker, but the GPS coordinates is written in the previous waypoint because waypoint 3 must contain the location of waypoint 4. If a waypoint doesn't contain a GPS location, the user has to find the hare!


The user gets notified about a new challenge!

Here we go: Paper Chase SketchFlow