Frei.Wild on WP7


This is an app for the german rockband Frei.Wild! In addition to News and Concerts the app contains some brief information about the band and their music! I will also add some information about the SupportersClub!


The SingleNewsPage is a WebbrowserControl because the downloaded news is in HTML formatted and for easy image loading I decided to load the news as webpage and not strip out the HTML tags.


The overview shows some basics about the concert/festival like poster, date and title/location. Later on the user gets notified about the distance (calculated from its current location) and the details like street. There's a small zoomable map that shows the location and a button to easily load a WebbrowserTask to order Tickets. The poster will be zoomable if the user clicks on it. On next PivotItems theres a WeatherControl that loads the conditions at the concert day (if available). Nice to know for open airs! The routing PivotItem will be a simple turn-by-turn navigation. The map will center and zoom to the users position so he can view the next few turns.


This PanoramaItem will have some brief information about the band, like members or discography. The discography will also be able to stream some sound samples or medley.

All other:

Should be pretty self explanatory.


I've let a basic design to respect the SketchFlow design. i.ex. I use some nice and slight background images especially for the PanoramaPage!

Here we go: Frei.Wild on WP7 SketchFlow